Leftovers! (Fried Eggplant + Black Bean Burger)

I’ve come to the most trying part of the year for any law student … exam season. The worst part of it is that in law classes, there are no “midterms” or assignments or anything at all except 1 big test at the end. Which has led to a lot of procrastinating during the semester followed by 2 or 3 frantic weeks of cramming at the end, every semester. This time, I was especially bad at choosing my courses and have 3 finals and 2 large papers. Therefore, my cooking will mostly be whatever I can scrounge up when I emerge from my study cave.

The picture above is leftover fried eggplant from earlier this week, which I crisped in the toaster-oven at 400 degrees for 7 minutes, and put on top of one of my black bean burgers with tomato, mayo and lettuce. The recipes for the eggplant and black bean burgers are posted below.